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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring Leeds

Vinyl flooring in Leeds is a popular and practical choice for homeowners; this inexpensive and durable flooring offers a logical alternative to other hard to maintain natural wood and stone flooring. Vinyl can change the change of your home in an instant, with fast installation and long-lasting results there’s no need to tip-toe around this sturdy Vinyl flooring, even with heavy footfall.

We offer both Amitico and Karndean Vinyl flooring in Leeds, these high-quality floorings are perfect for both domestic and commercial properties. We stock a large range of Vinyl flooring to suit any needs, our Vinyl is extremely easy to maintain, and it is all chip, scratch and dent resistant even in the toughest environments. There are many advantages to using Vinyl flooring for businesses, the main benefit being its durability and ability to deal with the everyday wear that other flooring may not be able to withstand. Invest in Vinyl flooring in Leeds to guarantee stylish flooring that lasts.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is well known for its many benefits, where you find faults and compromise in other floorings, Vinyl offers comprehensive flooring that ensures you’re gaining the practicality without losing the aesthetics. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Low Cost – Vinyl flooring is extremely affordable, although there is a price range that you can choose from, this means you can cover an entire property or large office with Vinyl flooring, without an eye-watering price.
  • Comfort – Vinyl provides both underfoot warmth and a foam underlay can be provided for further comfort.
  • Easily Cleaned – no specialist cleaning or tiresome methods are needed with Vinyl.
  • Can Withstand High Traffic – Vinyl is usually used in commercial properties where traffic is high; this is due to its high durability which can withstand such an environment.
  • Installation – fast, easy installation means even lower prices over big areas.
  • Easily Maintained – if you’re looking for low-maintenance flooring then Vinyl is the best option, regular sweeping and the occasional mop is all it requires to keep your Vinyl flooring looking brand new.
  • Economically and Easily Replaced – if there does happen to be damage to Vinyl it is easily replaced by removing individual fittings.
  • Durable – completely waterproof, no chips, scratches or dents!
  • Imitate Expensive Flooring
  • Huge Variety
  • No Echo

Commercial vinyl flooring

If you’re looking for Vinyl flooring for offices in Leeds we can help; invest in an economical flooring choice that can’t be replicated by other natural counterparts. The Vinyl we provide come in a very large variety of colours and can be branded to your company's liking, as well as the value for money for large spaces, and low maintenance – Vinyl flooring in commercial properties is a match made in heaven.

Areas We Service

Excel Flooring provides Vinyl flooring in Leeds and surrounding areas; we serve many areas so get in contact to check if we can reach you. Some of the main areas we service, but aren’t limited to, include:

  • Whitkirk
  • Austhorpe
  • Halton
  • Cross Gates

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If you require Vinyl flooring in Leeds, or want to find out how our Vinyl flooring for offices can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to get in contact by calling 0113 260 6181 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online for a prompt response on any of our Vinyl floorings in Leeds.

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